Aside from our regular weekly gatherings, we have a number of significant events through the year.

Kids school holiday clubs, Easter, Christmas, conferences and camps are special times for us as a church community, and we’ll let you know here if anything is coming up.


Leadership Seminar - 16th December 2019 - 9am to 3:30pm

SpeakerS: rev. edmund Chan - Ps. Ann Chan - Rev Paul Jeyachandran

Venue: Noranda church of christ Cost $50.00

Making disciples is at the very heart of the Great Commission and the critical need of the Church is leadership that captures, articulates and perseveres to realise the intentional disciple-making vision. The priority of leadership development can never be overstated. The disciple-making process must begin on the right leadership platform. Join us at our Leadership Seminar to hear from Rev Edmund Chan, one of the most sought-after expositors and disciple-making pastors around the world.

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